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Bodywave Bundles

Bodywave Bundles


~*Super impressed with Ty’s services. I rarely get my hair done because it takes too long and people just really can’t seem to do my hair well…. She...  Read more
Nov 13, 2023
R Robertson
Jun 17, 2022
Cln Enterprises


We Offer

We Offer

Relaxer Touch Up

Retouching of new growth 1-4”. Service includes relaxing new growth, S/BD, reconstructive conditioning and styling. If booking multiple …
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Quick Weave

Bonded (glue) hair extensions this service includes S/C/BD, the use of a protective cap and desired styling. If booking multiple services, …
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Traditional Sew In

Traditional Sewin service w/ minimal leave out service includes S/C/BD And basic styling (bone straight or drop curls) HAIR NOT INCLUDED. …
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Versatile Sew In

Sewin service which will allow for versatility when styling hair at home. (EX: pull up, half up/ half down) service includes S/C/BD And …
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Frontal Sew In

Service includes (S/C/BD) Sew-in technique using a Lace Frontal Piece also includes basic styling (drop curls or bone straight) additional …
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Closure Sew In

Service includes Shampoo/ Conditioning/ Blow Dry service (S/C/BD) Sewin technique using a Lace or Silk closure top, this service also …
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Loc Retwist

If you have not booked lock services w/ Ty before please contact salon at (515)943-7970 before booking this service. If booking multiple …
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Protein Treatments

Usually booked as add-on service.Protein treatments used for an array of hair conditions (EX: Strengthen weak hair) If booking multiple …
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Signature White Cape Trim

Service includes our Signature “White Cape” trim service before and after pictures sent to you via text message if requested. Subtract …
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Pony Tail

Service includes S/C/BD and basic ponytail styling specialty ponytail styles will have an increase in price . If booking multiple …
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ACV Treatment usually booked as a add on, Apple Cider Vinegar Treatment used to treat multiple hair conditions (EX: Removing product build …
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ETAE Treatment

Protein Treatment “Hair food” usually booked as add on service. If booking multiple services, just select one style option and put in …
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White Cape Trim- Cutting Cape

White Cape Trim

White Cape Trim

Cutting Cape


Hairstylists!! Earn an EXTRA $5000 in yearly INCOME with just your cell phone & implicating my Trademarked technique

“White Cape Trim”. Using the white cape gives your clients a transparent view of the condition of their hair.

  1. Dress client in cape
  2. Take before pictures
  3. Show clients where breakage begins
  4. Trim to clients desire
  5. Take after pictures

Send clients their BEFORE and AFTER to track growth!